Trekking Ecologde Colombia

Trekking Ecologde Colombia. At Ecolodge Juan Solito, we have trails near our hotel where our guests can experience guided trekking to enjoy clean air, and the fragrances and colors of our landscape. During our adventure we will encounter the region\’s flora and fauna, and your guides will be in charge of providing complete information on our plants and the different uses we have given them in our culture. Each trail is an adventure in its own and you may enjoy it together with family and friends. You will be able to see wildlife animals such as capibaras, white tail deer, crocodiles, cattle, wild horses, herons, curlews, little owls, double-striped thick-knee curlews, jabiru storks, a wide variety of ibises among many other bird species (bird watching activities).


Before we begin our adventure, our guests receive an induction where we establish safety measures to consider for the journey. You will enjoy the company of experienced local guides.

You can enjoy of


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